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Different - inexpensive!

Vershieden-preiswert Diverso y barato Pазный и выгодный


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  • Investors can likewise recommend to their friends to acquire units in their clusters so they can take their holiday together or take turns in using the units for their own family holiday on different seasons.
  • Units enrolled in Condotel operations are managed by the expertise and experience of the Crown Regency chain of hotels and resorts.
  • Oppornity to own a piece of tropical paradise in premier vacation capital of the Philippines through stock share ownership.
  • Capacity to earn substantial income in a growing industry.
  • Assurance of a vacation home with breathtaking panoramic view of one of world´s finest beaches even during peak season.
  • Philippine and Foreign Nationals are eligible (Residents or non-residents).
  • Investor will purchase company stock share in Boracay Multiple Properties Developers, Inc. one (1) stock share is equivalent to one condotel unit.
  • Unit are designed on a thirty (30) sq.m. (standard) or forty-five (45) sq.m. (with loft) equivalent to one (1) stock share.
  • Units are all fully furnished with kitchen, TV and standard hotel amenities.
  • Investors have option to reside in their units or enroll in the condotel operations. For residing investors, they will have to pay administrative and maintenance fees as in standard condotel operation.
  • For condotel enrolees, the admininstrative and maintenance fees will be deducted from gross income of condotel operations.
  • 45-day vacation is ideal for foreigners opting to stay warm and enjoying the tropics while their home country is experiencing winter season.
  • Condo units are available in clusters of 6 or 8 with one common courtyard for group activities. Ideal for large family or friends.

Financing up to 30 months!

3-4,3 MPhP, 50.000-71.000 €, 73.000-105.000 USD, 1,8-2,6 Mrubles

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